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A CNN Freedom Project Documentary 

The CNN Freedom Project first exposed the horrific practice of organ trafficking in Egypt, with the documentary “Death In The Desert”. So they planned traveling to a tiny district in Nepal where hundreds of people have had their kidneys stolen by organ traffickers. CNN’s Delhi-based correspondent Sumnima Udas guided the investigation to unravel how traffickers dupe poor villagers into giving a piece of themselves away. They presented the half hour documentary that examined the causes and chronicles to fight against illegal organ trafficking.


  • To spread out the news about CNN- Freedom Project in online news portals as well print.
  • To aware people about present scenario of brutal kidney trade in Nepal.
  • To force government stakeholders to pass laws against the illegal and inhuman trade.

The Challenge

  • To reduce the problem of kidney trafficking that has become so widespread that the district has developed the unfortunate reputation as “the kidney bank of Nepal.”

PR Tools

  • Media Releases
  • Presentation of the documentary
  • Project familiarization tours
  • Presenting stories to create the stronger impact
  • Community Relations and Philanthropy

Target Audience

  • Government Stakeholders
  • Media
  • INGOs and NGOs
  • Villagers


  • Villagers were aware about the prevailing organ trafficking conducted under their nose and as a result the kidney business was public Issues.