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Communication Consulting

Providing corporations and organizations with essential communication networks to maximize their efficiency, Red-Apple’s innovative consulting model gives its clients Nepal-centric solutions, devised for the unique challenges posed by the country’s economy. Our consulting services include:

Nepal Navigation Service

As Nepal is a diverse country in terms of ethnicity, geography, and socio-economy, its corporate culture can offer interesting opportunities, but also add complexities when trying to do business. To help its clients make the right moves and decisions, Red-Apple offers expert advice from professionals who understand the economic, political and commercial landscape of Nepal.

The USP of the Nepal navigation service is that Red-Apple ensures its clients talk to the experts at a time convenient to them, and that they pay only for strategic services. Pay only for what you use!

Media Expertise

With its networks in various media institutions, Red-Apple is able to leverage good results by ensuring effective media coverage. Successful coverage, in terms of quality and frequency, does impact perception. For this reason, it is essential to understand the nature of the message . Red-Apple understands the strengths as well as the sensitivities of the Nepali media and works accordingly to ensure sound delivery of clients.