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Crisis Management

From a communication perspective, a crisis tests the legitimacy of an organization. Presented in a negative light, the legitimacy of an organization may be threatened and the reputation and overall equilibrium of the company may be at risk. In the event of a crisis, the media’s influence on public perception can be crucial as it can influence public perception in regards to issues involving cause, blame, response, resolution, and consequences.

Red-Apple facilitates crisis communication between an organization and the public prior to, during, and after the occurrence by coordinating with senior officials within the corporation, who will be interested to communicate with the general public and key stakeholders in order to appear as having controlled or contained the crisis. Successful crisis communication can avert further damage by directing stakeholders’ physical and psychological responses, as well as impressions about the organization.
Red-Apple’s expertise in crisis communication includes taking the best call in each case, given its strong preparation and pre-planned actions to dispense at the time of crisis. Building trust and a responsive chain of command with all parties involved is crucial for successful crisis communication, which Red-Apple works towards constantly